Friday, May 29, 2009

Adventures in Camping

I just got home after an interesting jaunt out 4-wheeling to pick up the 4 guys I dropped in the mountains a week ago. I took an alternate route that led me up and down over creek beds (and flowing water) up mountains. After gaining the needed 3000 foot increase in elevation and the 60 miles one way, I found the guys camped at the top of the overlook waiting for me... and the approaching storm.

Here in New Mexico we get some STRANGE weather. You name it. We get it. Except for maybe ... well... anything to do with oceans. We got a full month of summer with the temps up in the high 90's and low 100's and then this: a week of rain, cool weather, and humidity over 10%! This also happened to be the entire week where they were out hiking at 10,000ft in said rain. So when I pulled up in the Jeep they jumped for joy and scampered in the car to beat the incoming rain. All told they were happy to get home to showers and hot food that did not come from lousy water.

As for me I spent the week while they were gone fixing up/packing the house, weeding the garden, and hanging out with the dogs. We are moving Casita Gatita to a new house across town this month, and have a garage sale planned for next weekend. In July I am getting married to a wonderful man that I have had now for over 5 years, and in August I start up at college again for my last year (much awaited for... let's see here now... this makes 8 years I have been in college... yeesh). What a busy summer!

For the new house I need to build a new garden, since my current plants need to be transplanted. Here in the high desert you would think that not much wants to grow happily, but so far this year, I have an abundance of tomatoes, happy corn plants, radishes coming out of my ears, beans getting started, basil for pesto, melons and squash of various types, and lots of onions. To go along with that, I have lettuce, beets, chard, and lots of herbs as well as lots of things that I am sure that I am forgetting. All need homes. All need homes by the end of June. I will make that home happen.

With lots of help from my peoples, all will go well. And I need to get my camera up and running to post pictures of everything as well.

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