Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mutant Weather Rambling

Last week was rather interesting. Bright sunny sky. Calm.

and an inch and a half of rain later in about an hour.

Bright sunny sky and calm. What the heck!!! Aah New Mexico. How I...ponder...thee.

I don't understand our mutant weather. But then again other people do not understand those of us who go to rainier parts of the country and dance around happy for the drizzle...and scowl at the sunshine that those residents thrive on. Strange weather creates strange residents. Or we were already strange to begin with!

I suppose that I should give some time to update the world with a public service announcement:
Fall is here.
End public service announcement.

This revelation began this morning. As I fed the dogs leftovers that I forgot to put away last night I began to covet the dog's nice warm fur coats. This is a large change from the summer where I feel sorry for them in their sweltering fuzz. I then went out the front door and found out that there was dew--DEW--on my car. Dew just does not happen often here in the desert...unless it gets cold. Now that there is water in the air, and some cool air to prevent it from evaporating as fast, I feel that fall is here.

Second public service announcement to explain relative temperatures:
Definition: cold--cool enough to need a jacket.
Definition: cod--cold enough that the l froze off and requires ice scraping, snow slugging, and overall surliness from most people.

So there you have it. Fall is here. And the weather has been ushering it in with mutant-like drippiness.

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