Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring--It has Sprung!

Well, it has been a long (and quiet) four months since I last updated. Now that I am getting around to gardening it is time to get this blog up and running again. (Especially since it beats working on actual work) If you look really hard at the first photo you will notice tons of daisies sprouting up of nowhere. Yup. I got April Fooled--My mother brought down silk versions my least favorite flower (daisies)and stuck them all over the front yard! (Complete with daisies in the potted plants)

So, after all that fun, what new perennial additions have found their way into my yard?
  • Three raspberries
  • Two Semi-Dwarf Peaches
  • One Italian Plum
  • Two more grape vines
What does that mean? Lot of holes. Too many to do in one day. In fact, it took me and my husband about two weeks to get everything in, mostly due to a bad case of Trumpet Vine.  Now I don't normally go out of my way to kill pretty and non-spiky flowers, but Trumpet Vine is the one exception. It spreads by runners, is highly destructive, and is nigh-impossible to actually kill--even with contact herbicides. This is the one case where I had no problem turning my husband loose with a can of generic RoundUp. We shall see if it is actually dead, or just mostly dead.

So all that aside, I have new bushes, and all of them are holding up well. The 40-60mph winds have not been doing the new babies any favors, but the 80 degree days do tend to make them happy.  Even the birds are enjoying it, especially since the new trees mean that water is readily available to them.

In addition to the trees and shrubs I went ahead and planted strawberries in one of those new-fangled Topsy-Turvy Strawberry Planters. I wasn't sure if it would hold up to the wind without bashing the poor plants to pieces, but so far it seems to have weathered the storms quite nicely (as long as I remember to water it).  I have had bad luck with strawberries down here in the desert--I could get the greens to grow, but the berries never would form. It looks like this year I may have found a way to grow my strawberries and eat them too!

Are you planting trees? Bushes?
Do you have any suggestions for the evil that is Trumpet Vine?
Or are you still digging out from snow?

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