Thursday, January 7, 2010

Garlic. Winter. And Gifts.

The first time it froze hard I dutifully covered up my little garden in an effort to keep the poor garlic babies from freezing. Bah, they didn't even wilt.

Next time I decided to let them live or die without a cover. Well, they did not die. In fact, they are quite happy and thriving. If I have to pluck scapes (the flower tops) off of the tops before we even hit February I will be really confused. As it is I am hoping that the bottoms are happily growing away since the tops have stopped getting any bigger, just staying green.

Also got two new cookbooks for Christmas:
Gluten-Free Baking with The Culinary Institute of America: 150 Flavorful Recipes from the World's Premier Culinary College by Richard J. Coppedge Jr. 
More from the Gluten-Free Gourmet: Delicious Dining Without Wheat by Bette Hagman

I have had a chance to look through both of the books and so far I like both of them. The Culinary Institute of America book is nice and well tested BUT there are five different flour mixes and a few of them use soy flour which I abhor. On the other hand, substituting the soy for sorghum so far has worked wonderfully so I hope to continue to have promising results! There is even a recipe for GF puff pastry!

The Bette Hagman sequel is also great (just like her first book which I also like) and has many more involved recipes that I would love to try.  In this version there are lots of dinner recipes as well which have promise. I plan to try the recipe for cream of X soup in some of my more traditional casseroles (like tuna noodle!) which always have the cream of mushroom-chicken-tomato-etc condensed soup which are full of wheat.

Another gift from the holidays was Ree the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook (just like most of the bloggers that I know) which I have been drooling over and awaiting the day it would come to me! "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" is a beautiful book.
It is so pretty... and even signed just for me (arranged for me by dear friend)... I almost hate to bring it near my kitchen to start de-glutenizing the recipes and getting chocolate smudges and flours all over it... almost. But not enough to ignore the fact that I love that woman's cookin' and want to dig in as soon as possible to work on them.

And now I need to further delve into my new gifts and find out what is going to be in my kitchen later today, tomorrow, or as soon as I can find some spare sanity!


  1. I'm jealous! It's so fun to get new cookbooks. I have too many though, including almost all of Bette's. I'm glad to know that sorghum has worked well for you as a sub for soy. I dislike soy also, so I'll give that a try the next time I need to.

  2. The only thing that you need to worry about in substituting sorghum for soy is that there is less protein and holding power in the sorghum than in soy flour. I tend to add a bit of powdered egg whites (meringue powder) or gelatine depending on what I am trying to cook to have the baked goods get the loft that I want. For cookies and other things that don't depend on rising and holding that rise I just sub straight across.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Sounds like you have lots of cooking to do in your future. Glad you're enjoying the new books you recieved for Christmas. I also got The Pioneer Woman's cookbook and I love it. I've made several recipes and they've all been delicious!

    Enjoy your weekend.