Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mary Had a Little...

Mary had a little lamb.
A very nice man had a bigger one.
It is tasty.

Today I went out with my husband to butcher a lamb from a local free range farmer. It was my first experience cleaning anything not a chicken or deer, and my husbands first time doing butchering of any kind (other than computer butchering and assembly that is).

It was MUCH cheaper to do the dirty work ourselves than to have it sent out to the processor, though it did take a few hours to get it all done and packaged. One other thing that was nice is that I had the meat all packaged up in ways that we tend to use it instead of in forms that we leave in the freezer till it is the only thing left.  I will definately be doing the butchering again next year instead of paying twice as much for the professionals to do it for me. 

I also made a big pot of lamb stew and there is a giant pot of stock simmering in the crock pot now.  I need to remember next time to make room in the freezer before getting home with a cooler of meat.

No photos for you because it was cold enough that we were trying to get the darn lamb ready with frozen fingers. We alternated avoiding cutting our numb fingers with warming up by a fire then charging back into the work.  Now its time to go check the stock and go check the most recent batch of yoghurt.

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